Training and Professional Sommelier Services

Tiare’s Professional Services team is equipped to perform the necessary training and provide the expert advice required to install Tiare’s products.

Training Services

With over a decade of experience in providing wireless ordering for restaurants and hotels, Tiare has a profound understanding of how introducing ordering technology can impact your staff and the guest.  The success of any wireless menu system is its ability to be embraced by both the staff and the guest. Tiare’s professional training services will provide your staff the tools to seamlessly integrate the technology into your current service operations. Tiare will also provide your staff tools to interact with the guest and the technology, so the guest feels the technology is enhancing the outstanding and personal service already being provided by the staff.

Professional Sommelier Services

Your wine program is the result of much time and care.  Don’t trust your hard work to an off the shelf “App” that does not take into consideration the way in which you have crafted and organized the wine list.   Our professional sommeliers work with you to ensure that Tiare products truly reflect the wine education that you are trying to impart to your guests, as well as promote additional wine and beverage sales.

You may not be a sommelier but want to elevate your wine list and need some practical advice on how to organize and sell through more product. Our professional sommeliers will help with how to compose your wine list to best promote the regions and inventory you want to highlight as well as provide advice on where best to display special selections and limited items.

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