POS & Inventory Interfaces

Point of Sale (POS) Interface

Enjoy labor savings and provide guests with faster service by integrating the point of sale system to any of Tiare’s products. Tiare provides interfaces to the most popular POS systems to provide seamless order and transaction functionally to your Tiare system. Guests use Tiare’s wireless devices to place orders that transmit directly to the POS.  Guest checks are automatically opened in the POS, and tickets are sent to print immediately at the kitchen or bar.  Wait times are significantly reduced while guest needs can be met immediately.

The use of Tiare Staff Units adds further value by notifying staff of guest orders and allowing staff to place mobile POS orders from the service floor using a mobile device.

Have a proprietary POS system?  Tiare’s development team can customize an interface so you can take advantage of the speed and convenience of direct ordering to the POS.

With integration to your POS, guest wait times and inconvenience are eliminated, allowing staff to provide fast and responsive service every time.

Inventory Interface

Automatically remove depleted items from your wine list with Tiare’s inventory interface, and never disappoint a guest by displaying an item that’s out of stock.  Tiare systems interface with the most popular inventory management systems to provide an important tool to save time and increase efficiency.

Are you using a spreadsheet or outdated inventory management system?  Tiare can provide an inventory management system with features like bar code scanning and integration to your purchase and accounting systems, to simplify the challenge of keeping inventory updated and current.

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