Optional Products and Services

Automated Wine Updates

All Tiare products come with the functionality to update your wine list anywhere at any time but some operations would prefer the entire system be automated. With Tiare’s automated update service, you just send your new wine inventory to our staff and they will upload the descriptions and labels into your system. The program has three levels of service depending on the numbers of wines that need to be added – and can cost just a few dollars a month.

Point of Sale (POS) Interface

Enjoy labor savings and provide guests with faster service by integrating the point of sale system to any of Tiare’s products. Tiare provides interfaces to the most popular POS systems to provide seamless order and transaction functionally to your Tiare system. Guests use Tiare’s wireless devices to place orders that transmit directly to the POS.  Guest checks are automatically opened in the POS, and tickets are sent to print immediately at the kitchen or bar.  Wait times are significantly reduced while guest needs can be met immediately.

The use of Tiare Staff Units adds further value by notifying staff of guest orders and allowing staff to place mobile POS orders from the service floor using a mobile device.

Have a proprietary POS system?  Tiare’s development team can customize an interface so you can take advantage of the speed and convenience of direct ordering to the POS.

With integration to your POS, guest wait times and inconvenience are eliminated, allowing staff to provide fast and responsive service every time.

Staff Units

Tiare Staff Units are mobile devices used by the property staff in conjunction with the guest-use devices.  They can be added to most Tiare solutions, including systems that interface to your POS and standalone/view-only products.  With a standalone system, the Staff Unit can page staff when a guest is ready to order or requires assistance, as well as display to staff the items are on a guest’s Consideration List. With a POS-integrated system, the Staff Unit can also serve as a mobile POS terminal, allowing staff to submit guest orders directly from the table.  Staff can be paged not only by the guest, but also by other staff and management when orders are ready for pick up at the kitchen or bar.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Module

Understanding and addressing the needs of your customer base is important to encourage repeat business as well as attract new customers. Tiare provides an optional CRM module to help foster the relationship between you and the customer.  Allow guests to email, post to Facebook, or Tweet the name and label of their wine and beverage selections from the Consideration List™ on Tiare’s Wireless WineList product or VIPSeat Restaurant product.  Customers opt in and are then able to send selections to their social media sites.  The property is provided a record of the customer, their order and preference information. Use this information to contact customers about special events based on their preferences and purchase behavior.

Inventory Interface

Automatically remove depleted items from your wine list with Tiare’s inventory interface, and never disappoint a guest by displaying an item that’s out of stock.  Tiare systems interface with the most popular inventory management systems to provide an important tool to save time and increase efficiency.

Are you using a spreadsheet or outdated inventory management system?  Tiare can provide an inventory management system with features like bar code scanning and integration to your purchase and accounting systems, to simplify the challenge of keeping inventory updated and current.

Language Package

Allow international guests to feel at ease and facilitate improved communication with the addition of a language pack to any Tiare product.  Guests can view and interact with menus in their own language, which can be changed on the fly – and then information can be transmitted to staff in the language of their or your choosing.   Errors and frustration are reduced and your guests enjoy a comfortable and worry-free experience.  Language packs are available in economical packages of 4, 6 or 8 languages or you can purchase a la carte.

Design & Photography Services

Whether you are an independent restaurant or a corporate hotel, Tiare’s Design Studio will ensure that the look and feel of your product reflects your brand and aesthetic.  Tiare designers can work with your corporate branding organization to ensure that logos, colors and design are consistent with brand requirements. Independent restaurants can utilize the Design Studio to create backgrounds, color schemes, photography and logos to ensure the perfect product to reflect your restaurant’s theme.  We can also design hardware concepts for devices such as custom ceiling or bar mounts, stands that pop up from the floor or table. If you can imagine it, Tiare’s Design Studio can make it happen.

Professional photos and videos on your Tiare system are essential to creating a polished product.  Tiare’s professional photographers can capture images of your entire menu, including food specials, beverages and specialty cocktails. Our team can also take photos of the venue, staff and other elements that will appear on your Tiare system.  Tiare’s videographers can record the chef preparing a signature dish or the sommelier describing a notable wine or the features of the wine list.

Training Services

With over a decade of experience in providing wireless ordering for restaurants and hotels, Tiare has a profound understanding of how introducing ordering technology can impact your staff and the guest.  The success of any wireless menu system is its ability to be embraced by both the staff and the guest. Tiare’s professional training services will provide your staff the tools to seamlessly integrate the technology into your current service operations. Tiare will also provide your staff tools to interact with the guest and the technology, so the guest feels the technology is enhancing the outstanding and personal service already being provided by the staff.

Custom Guest Unit Cases

Tiare offers for the guest tablets, handmade menu cases, with a 30-day lead-time.  Cases are made to Tiare’s custom specifications, which include limiting guest access to physical ports and buttons.  These cases are made to endure under the sometimes harsh conditions of a restaurant, but are elegant and beautiful and can be branded to your specifications.

Contact sales@tiaretech.com for further information on any optional product or service.