Marketing and CRM Products


Understanding and addressing the needs of your customer base is important to encourage repeat business as well as attract new customers. Tiare provides optional module and services to help foster the relationship between you and the customer.  Tiare also offers add-on products and services that can support current and future marketing initiatives for your business.

Consideration List™ Social Media Feature

Allow guests to email, post to Facebook, or Tweet the name and label of their wine and beverage selections from the Consideration List™ on Tiare’s Wireless WineList product or VIPSeat Restaurant product.  Customers opt in and are then able to send selections to their social media sites.  The property is provided a record of the customer, their order and preference information. Use this information to contact customers about special events based on their preferences and purchase behavior.

Interactive Special Events Page

Add content to any of our products to inform your guests of upcoming events with an interactive events page(s). Wine dinners, Valentine’s Day prix fixe menus – whatever the event, inform your guest and allow them to request more information about it by providing their contact information right on the device.

Tiare Up-Sell Dynamics™

Increase revenue and expose guests to more items available on your menu with Tiare Up-Sell Dynamics™.  Tiare will work with you to create up-sell and cross-sell information for your food and beverage items. Increase the average check and revenue per guest with Tiare Up-Sell Dynamics.

Product Marketing Section

Does your business market cookbooks, condiments, olive oil, or branded merchandise? Provide a platform for guests to view items and create purchase opportunities right from the table with Tiare’s product marking section.  Guests can even purchase the products right from their seat, on products that use full-service ordering through the POS.

Video Section

Allow guests to view videos of the chef’s new creation or the winemaker’s remarks on the latest vintage with the addition of video to your Tiare product.  Our marketing team will assist you in selecting the right videos to highlight your menus or our design team can customize videos for your venue.

*Correlation Analytics

The POS may be able to report gross sales of any one item on your menu, but can it tell you that guests who order the vodka Signature Cocktail also order the crab cake 85% of the time or that guests who order the House Margarita with salt also enjoy aroma therapy massage? Create new products and services for your guests based on their behavior and preferences. Who knows, the next Monday night crab cake special may include the house signature cocktail or the “Margarita Massage” may be right around the corner.

*This service is available on products that include full-service ordering through the POS.

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