Informationals™ & Sponsorship

How many impressions does your current advertising yield? Invest your advertising and marketing dollars more effectively, learn important information about your customer and see how Tiare can increase the number of customers who see your message.

Guaranteed* Views for Your Message

What advertising medium can guarantee that your message will be viewed? Tiare’s Informationals™ program allows every user of the system to view your marketing message. The unique user interface displays your message to every person placing orders or browsing menus and informational pages. Tiare’s sponsorship program allows companies to “own” every screen, where logo and product information can be displayed on every page. Companies can also opt to sponsor a section of the main page, from which users can enter an interactive experience with your products or services. *Special participation required for guaranteed views.

Impact Sales at Point of Purchase

Tiare Informationals™ allow you to impact the customer at point of purchase. Our system can display your product during the ordering process as the customer is being presented choices. An example: Customer is ordering a rum beverage. Tiare can place information regarding a rum brand when the guest is browsing the drinks menu, when the customer selects a rum drink, and when the customer is prompted to select which type of rum they would like in their beverage.

Learn More About Customer Behavior

Tiare’s Informationals™ and sponsorship programs allow you to learn more about your customer. Tiare can track how long a customer has viewed your Informational™ or sponsorship pages, what the customer ordered before and after viewing your information, as well as other important data.

Test Products and Marketing Campaigns

Tiare provides the perfect platform to test new advertising and marketing campaigns before wide release. Companies can display information and tie in a call to action with their message. Allow customers to register at a website or visit a retail location for further discounts and information. Tiare can also provide data regarding customer response to your promotional message.

**Some Services are only available on products that participate in full service ordering through the POS. Products available only with participating customers