VIPSeat™ Restaurant

Elevate the Guest Dining Experience with the VIPSeat™ Solution for Ordering Food, Wine and Cocktails

An elegant amenity for the guest; the VIPSeat Restaurant solution does not replace personalized service; it enhances the service you currently offer your guests. Using patented technology, the VIPSeat Restaurant application allows restaurant guests to easily view and order wines and cocktails, and food items using Apple & Android tablets or a guest’s Smartphone with Tiare’s proprietary software.

How it Works

Guests use the tablets to browse the wine list to discover the breadth of wines offered.  Guests can also quickly sort the wines to display by region, varietal, price range or other categories, or click to search the database and pinpoint a specific selection.  Guests can place selections onto the system’s patented Consideration List™ for discussion with the restaurant staff.  The system displays extensive information about the restaurant’s wines, including tasting notes, vintage information, and background on the winery, the region or grape varietals.  Photos, wine labels, maps, videos and other information are also easily displayed.

The food menu features photos and detailed descriptions of all offerings, including modifiers and up-sells. Guests can place food onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the restaurant’s staff or place the order directly into the POS.

A Complete, Custom Solution – More Than Just an “App”

  • Tiare provides customized  graphics, configures database layout and uploads all labels and wine descriptions, food photos and descriptions
  • Optional integration to POS system
  • Security tracking for each device – find it anywhere, anytime
  • Optional staff devices alert server to guest requesting service, allow staff to view guest Consideration List™ before arriving at the table, enable remote ordering to POS
  • Optional CRM module – enhances relationship with guests, letting them send their wine and food selections by email or social networking.  Capture information for marketing campaigns and events.
  • The only system that can work offline – even with spotty wireless coverage, guests will always be able to see menus.
  • Optional inventory management system works with system, depleting wine inventory in real time
  • Optional Language Pack allows menus to be displayed in multiple languages
  • Cloud based, no server required (On-site server can be utilized for businesses that require it)
  • Management console allows for updates to be made from anywhere at anytime

A Tool to Increase Revenue with Every Order

  • Up-sell beverage selections to the guest
  • Up-sell food items to the guest
  • Present wine and food parings
  • Provide detailed photos and descriptions
  • Highlight specials and promotions

Capable of Real Time Updates & Automated Wine Descriptions

Never present guests with a choice that’s out of stock. The VIPSeat Restaurant solution provides the ability to update the information in real time.  Hide items that may be temporarily unavailable or change a vintage of a current selection.  With the addition of Tiare Automated Updates package to your system, just send your new wine inventory or menu items to our staff and they will upload the descriptions, food photos and wine labels into your system.


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