intelliChaise™ Personal Ordering

The intelliChaise Personal Ordering System Makes Ordering Food, Beverages, and Services Effortless From the Pool or Beach

Using patented technology, the intelliChaise™ application allows guests to easily use their own wireless device or a provided Apple or Android tablet to place orders at the pool, beach or anywhere on the property or cruise ship.

How it Works

The intelliChaise system allows guests to order food, beverages, services and goods directly from their chair at the pool, beach or any selected venue.  Guests benefit from faster service, greater control over service and enhanced personalized attention. Guests who need immediate attention need only press the “Call Server” button to page staff. Menus feature pictures and description of all food and beverage items, as well as allow for viewing and purchasing of retail items, spa services and other amenities.

A Complete, Custom Solution – More Than Just an “App”

  • Tiare provides customized  graphics, configures database layout and uploads all labels and wine descriptions, food photos and descriptions
  • Integration to POS system
  • Optional Guest handheld or tablet provided to guest at check-in or at pool or beach
  • Optional CRM module – enhances relationship with guests, letting them send their wine and food selections by email or social networking.  Capture information for marketing campaigns and events.
  • Optional Language Pack allows menus to be displayed in multiple languages
  • Cloud based, no server required (On-site server can be utilized for businesses that require it)
  • Management console allows for updates to be made from anywhere at anytime
  • The system’s custom dashboard on the handheld staff unit provides access to guest information such as order history and preferences offering a highly personalized service experience.
  • Staff Unit device allows for service efficiencies, notifying staff that orders are ready for pick up at the kitchen and bar.
  • Staff units can also be used to place orders directly to the POS system.

A Tool to Increase Revenue with Every Order

  • Up-sell beverage selections to the guest
  • Display Cocktails and wine offerings
  • Highlight specialties and promotions
  • Suggest food and beverage parings
  • Eliminate lines and waiting at concession stands and restaurants
  • A valuable yield management tool-fill available spa or restaurant openings by sending information to the guest promoting specific venues, activities and services. Information can be sent to all guests or target specific guests based on their preferences.
  • Never present guests with a choice that’s out of stock. The intelliChaise system provides ability to update information in real time allowing for more efficient management of menus.  Eliminate the printing and distribution costs of a traditional menu while helping the environment.

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