British Airways First Class Lounges Introduce the Tiare Technology Wireless WineList System

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Compass Group North America selects Tiare Technology solution for passengers to order wine in British Airways First Class Lounges in the United States and Canada

CHERRY HILL, NJ  — Tiare Technology announced today that it is deploying its patented Wireless WineList™ solution in seven British Airways First Class Lounges managed by Compass Group North America. Passengers are able to view wine, food and other beverage selections along with information regarding the services offered in the Lounge. The First Class Lounge in New York’s JFK Airport is the first to install the system, with Lounges in Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington-Dulles, and Toronto, Canada to follow.

Tiare Technology Wireless WineList in British Airways First  Lounges

The Wireless WineList system allows passengers to easily view and select wines using a wireless Apple iPad tablet and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Passengers can use the tablets to peruse the wine list to discover wine offerings.  They can also quickly sort the wines to display by region and varietal, or search to pinpoint a specific selection. The First Class Lounge dining menu is also available on the system, as well as information about luxury services and amenities offered to passengers.

The system displays extensive information about the First Class Lounge’s wines, including tasting notes, vintage information, and background on the winery, the region and the grape varietals.

“We selected the Tiare Technology solution for their ability to customize their Wireless WineList with the functionally we required, as well as reflect the design of the First Class Lounge,” says Scott Davis, President of FLIK International, a Division of Compass Group North America.  Davis continues, “Tiare worked with our aggressive time schedule and delivered a product that is elegant and works flawlessly. The Wireless WineList system is a cost-effective solution that goes beyond just a wine app, and allows us to expand the system to include other Lounge features and amenities.”

The system is intended to complement, rather than replace, the personal attention of a sommelier or server.  Passengers can place selections onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the Lounge’s staff.

“Passenger feedback has been positive, excited and surprised for such a ‘luxury’ touch in our First Class dining room. The screens look great, the handling is simple and the descriptions are perfect,” says Michael Scheffler, Director of Food Service, British Airways First Class Lounge, JFK Airport.

Tiare Technology Wireless WineList in British Airways First  Lounges

“For almost a decade, Tiare’s single focus has been to provide wireless guest ordering solutions to the hospitality, food and beverage industry,” says Jeffrey Krevitt, President of Tiare Technology.  “Compass Group recognized it needed a comprehensive and customized business solution for their discerning guests, and could not afford to rely on a simple do-it-yourself app.” Krevitt continues, “Tiare understands the issues of a working food and beverage operation and brings that knowledge and experience to each customer when guiding them through the process of customizing their ordering solution.”

The Tiare Wireless WineList solution allows guests at a restaurant, bar or lounge location to order wine, cocktails and other beverages from a wireless Apple iPad tablet, Android device or their own wireless device and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Photos, wine labels, maps, videos and other information about the wines and are also displayed. Tiare’s Wireless WineList system is designed to meet the needs of both the wine expert and the wine novice.  It offers powerful tools to allow oenophiles to easily sort, analyze and locate a particular selection, view a vertical collection or explore regional specialties.  Casual users can learn about the restaurant’s wine offerings at their leisure, without the fear of intimidation.

The system can also allow a restaurant to enhance its relationship with the guests, by providing the option to email themselves their wine selections or link to social media as a memento of their experience at the restaurant.  Guest wine preferences can be stored for future communication between the guest and the restaurant.  The system can be configured to page the staff with the guest’s selection, or even place the order directly to the restaurant’s point of sale system.