Company Profile

Company Profile

Tiare Technology develops and markets to the global hospitality and leisure industry, wireless communication products and software services, using patented technology, that increase revenue, generate labor savings and enhance customer service. Our mission is to provide technology-based solutions to help your business offer responsive and personalized service to guests.


Company Products and Services

Tiare Technology provides mobile solutions that enable guests at a hotel, bar, restaurant, cruise ship, stadium or other leisure locations to order food, beverages, merchandise and services using a guest’s own mobile device or one provided by the property. The solutions feature proprietary software and custom interfaces to provide a powerful communications tool for the property to offer to guests. Tiare products include the intelliChaise™ Personal Ordering System, VIPSeat™ Restaurant, VIPSeat™ Gaming, VIPSeat™ Stadium, Wireless WineList™ and Tiare GuestBook™ ordering systems. Tiare also offers mobile solutions to the healthcare industry, enabling providers to efficiently provide responsive service and information to their patients.

Company Background

Tiare Technology pioneered wireless ordering over a decade ago in 2002, long before the inception of the Apple iPad or Android device. Founded by two Sony executives with a passion for technology and hospitality, Tiare set out to find ways to elevate service efficiency and increase revenues using wireless technology.  Tiare products and services provide a connection between technology and personal service, elevating the guest experience using customized solutions not found in off the shelf “Apps.”

Based in New Jersey, with offices and personnel across the United States, Europe and Asia, the product platform has been granted U.S. and international patent protection (U.S. Patents 7,945,477 and 8,682,729).  Tiare continues to innovate and introduce new products that increase revenue, create labor savings, and provide a unique service experience to every customer. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can drive results for your business.